Does Shaving Cause Acne?

does shaving cause acne

Does Shaving Cause Acne?

Does shaving cause acne? Yes it does. Shaving acne is different from other types of acne. If one is not careful during shaving, it can occur regularly on the shaved part.

Shaving acne have no special part of the body it occurs most but it can be evidence on the face and private(sexual) part due to hard or curly hairs.

What is shaving acne and how does it occur?

Shaving acne is a type of acne that occurs during shaving and after shaving, when the hair follicles are clogged.

Hair follicles are basically found in mammal and it regulates hair growth. During shaving dead skin cells and oil clogs the hair follicle and when acted on by bacteria it leads to acne and other skin infections.

It’s very important that ladies take good precaution on how they shave their hairs especially in the private part region so as to avoid sexual infections

Also understand that hair growth is natural and it helps in the balancing of the body temperature. Excess of hair is very bad because it gives access to several infections and thats why is good to shave it off.

I will show you how best to prevent and treat shaving acne. I need you to remain healthy and wealthy.

1. Select a good hair shaver:

There are different type of shavers in various local shop around you. You have to carefully select the shaver that best suit your skin type.

There are 4 major skin type, we talk extensively on that in our free skin care ebook. Sign up to our email list for that.

When you use a wrong shaver on your hair, it can lead to bumps and acne. There are two basic types of shavers.

a. Electric shaver:

This type of shaver uses electricity or battery. Its fo two types: rotary and foil. It doesn’t shave the hair close to the skin.

This makes it good for those with sensitive skin type. When using electric shaver, do not press it too close to the skin because if it cuts the skin, it can lead to irritation.

It doesn’t cause bumps on the skin because it has a good effect on the skin and clears off the hairs quick.

b. Safety razor:

Before the introduction of electric shavers, safety razors have been used and it has a good reputation.

Its cheap and you buy as much as possible for less than $15. While using safety razor, do not shave once. Do a pass shave two to three times before deep shaving.

The reason is that while trying to do a deep shaving at the first instant can lead to skin injury. It can also cause irritation damage of hair follicle.

From research and personal testimonies of shavers, Gillette has been the master of smooth shaving. If you have a curly hair, use Equinox Professional.

If you have the same mixed feeling i hard in choosing right safety razor, tryout many of them you can get in Amazon.

2. Disinfect your hair shavers:

Shaving acne also occur when you are not careful on how you handle your shavers. Most of us keep our shaver in the bathroom after shaving.

Sometimes you forgot to cover the razors after shaving. This makes it prone to harboring of bacteria. Ensure you disinfect your shavers and keep it save after shaving.

If you can afford buying a new one per shave, it’s a good deal.

How to disinfect your shaver.

  • Raise the blade under cool water.
  • Dip it into a hot water and allow if for 3 minutes.
  • Get an old brush and brush its blade thoroughly.
  • Add few drops of disinfectant in small quantity of water and dip the blade in it.
  • Dry in a moisture free environment. If it come with a cover,cover it and store in a dry place.

3. Apply the Best shaving tips. 

There are two major shaping tips. you must ensure you master them so as to escape shaving acne and bumps. there are;

a. Pre-shaving tips:

Rinse the areas to be shaved with lukewarm water: The reason is that it softens the skin and hair follicles so as to allow easy passage of shavers. It also prevent irritation and bumps.

Exfoliate mechanically: Dead skin cells can slow down the rate at which the shaver moves across the skin and hairs. You need to ensure that the dead skin cells are removed so as to fasten the shaving process and prevent irritation and direct contact between the skin and the blades.

Apply shaving cream: Its of very important. It helps to moisturizes the areas to be shaved. It also kills germs that might cause bumps and acne.

Most shaving creams are good exfoliators. After applying the shaving cream, allow it for 2 minutes before shaving.

Recheck your shavers blade to ensure that its not rusty and does not trap hair particles for your old shaving. This helps to maintain good shaving condition.

b. Post-shaving tips.

Raise te shaved areas with lukewarm water, then with cold water.

Apply an antiseptic toner or lotion to bring a healing property to the shaved areas. witch hazel toner is the best for it. It tighten up the pores doesn’t contain alcoholic astringent property.

4. Choose the best shaving cream:

Shaving creams are important for the prevention of acne and bumps. You have to select the ones that suits your skin type. There are various criterias for the selection of shaving creams such as;

  • Cream thickness
  • Superior performance (unclogs the clogged pores)
  • Ease of applying (ie it should work well with water)
  • Available in several cents
  • Gives a good pre, and post shave felling.

Here is a list of most great shaving creams

5. Shave smart:

The rate at which hair grow on the skin differs. To some there is need to shave every 2-3 days while others 7 days.

You might be tempted to shave everyday buy that can be dangerous to your skin. If you have suffered from acne bumps, please do not shave everyday.

You need to give your skin and hair follicle time to heal. It take 2-3 days for the hair follicles to heal, so shaving everyday is not advisable.

You should also know the best direction for shaving. You should shave in the downward direction. Shaving in the upward direction leads to bumps and acne.

Go with the hair grain and shave downward.

Conclusion: shaving acne can be prevented and treated once you follow the laid down process. The shaving creams are the best you can get in the stores and they are cheap, less than $40.

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