What foods Should I avoid to limit Acne?

You definitely want to avoid more acne breakout, and no matter how hard you try, it seems they won’t just go away.

Maybe the culprit is in your diet, what your eat has a big role to play on what happens to your skin.

Here are to 10 foods to avoid to limit those acnes or just get over them, don’t be afraid, all your food isn’t a culprit.


fried foods

Foods high are fat are just your skin’s enemy, because grease and fat  make your skin look unhealthy and an accumulation of those can lead to acne breakouts. So as much as you can avoid fried foods especially the deep fried ones.



It is almost contained in every food you eat, but sugar is just as guilty for your acnes, too much sugar in the diet causes the skin to inflame from the inside and this can lead to breakout and make your skin tarnish. You have other options like honey, the advice is resist the urge to splurge on sugar, your face will thank you for it.



Owww, how did our yummy yummy pancakes get on this list, aren’t they so sweet.

Well before you jump on that delicious plate of Pancake dripping with Maple syrup, be sure to think about what it’s going to do on your face, or better still just avoid it.



Alcohol has never been a good choice for the skin’s health anytime , anyday. It just has too many disadvantages, Alcohol increases your body’s heat index which makes you sweat then makes your skin warmer, then that clogs the pores and acnes pop out.

Not only that , it draws out moisture from the face giving it a wrinkled appearance.

So while you may be battling a bad hangover , you also deal with a dull and tarnished face full of acnes.



Caffeine foods even though not a direct cause, it also a great contributor to the spread of acne. It triggers the spread of the cortisol hormone, and as you know Stress is a major contributor to all skin disorders. Not just that, because caffeine can keep you awake at night and lack of sleep, so there is no time for your body to refresh and combat the acnes.



We are looking at milk and cheese here as they are tops on the list of acne causing foods. Too much of it can increase the activity of the gland fat which leads to acnes. So instead, you can take low fat milk.


canned foods

Canned foods are convenient but an accumulation of the chemicals, additives and preservatives in our skin can clog the pores and lead to a breakout of acnes.



This kind of fat put pressure on the sebaceous glands which clogs the pores, leading to inhibition and poor excrete, so avoid them as much as possible.

Not all fats are bad though, that from avocado, olive oil, sesame oil and almonds are healthy enough for the skin.



Acnes occur when the body has accumulated iodine for a long time, reduction of foods containing iodine in your diet will reduce the rate of acnes breakout, some of these foods include shrimps, crabs, lobsters, spinach



Talk about your most loved potato chips and french fries,they can cause a hormonal response which triggers acne breakouts, also they are made from starch and oil, and a combination of those two is a no no for a healthy and acne free skin, so just turn a blind eye to them.

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