Effect of Cucumber on the Skin


I will prefer to call it my little friendly veggie; you can call it cucumber. It becomes more interesting when I realized that many do not know what cucumber could do to their bodies talk more of their skins.

Truth be told, some people find the taste of cucumber horrendous and most times, they tend to supplement this with a mélange of groundnuts or mix it in salad dressings.

I, for one, had a hard time adding it to my diet. As dire as this may sound, a cucumber puree, cucumber juice or a slice could do the magic without having contact with the mouth.

So I ask, why cucumber? Stick with me a little longer as we explore the wonders of this fruit to our skin.

According to a research conducted by Dr Joseph Mercola, cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is a fruit which belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, same as other squashes like watermelon, zucchini and pumpkins.

For someone who hates scientific jargons, it could be interesting to note that like every other plant in that family, cucumber is made up of 95% water and 5% of other mineral nutrients such as vitamins (A, B, C and K), silica, potassium, manganese, beta-carotene, and copper.

Remarkably, its health benefits ranges from reduction in the risk of cancer to the management of diabetes as well as preventing dehydration.

I would hate to bore you with the tales of components of cucumber such as polyphenols, pro-inflammatory enzymes and anti-inflammatory flavonol so let’s cut to the chase; why cucumber?

Although, not exclusive, here is a list of the benefits of cucumber to the skin;

1. It helps to hydrate dull skins due to its high water content. The simple application of a cucumber puree on the skin can do the miracle. When properly hydrated, the skin stays healthy.

2. It acts as a cleanser. It is easy to get rid of oil secretion on the skin or smoothen a coarse skin with a simple application of cucumber puree or cucumber juice and allowing it to dry.

Truth me, at the end of the day, it would leave your skin glowing.

3. It helps in treating some skins diseases such as rashes and sunburn. It also helps to reduce skin tanning. All you need is a cucumber juice and lemon juice and the scars would be gone in no time.

Cucumber can also be used as an anti-aging agent when mixed with a tablespoon of egg white and lemon juice.

4. It could also be used to treat dark circles around the eyes and puffy eyes. After a hectic day, all you need is two slice of cucumber placed on the eyes for twenty minutes. The reprieve you feel thereafter would be inexplicable.  

5. When eaten, it helps to detoxify the body and also make regular appearances in weight loss diets. You may ask how this affects the body, but so you know, a detoxified body tends to make the skin glow.

These show that whether eaten or applied on the skin, our skin gets to benefit from this wonder fruit.

So go out today and get a cucumber because it could be the miracle you’ve been waiting for.

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