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Best Manuka Honey Body Lotion – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

 manuka honey body lotion

Manuka honey body lotion offers an excellent option for your skin with its nice moisturizing benefits, get it feeling soft and in certain cases, helping with dry skin and even eczema issues.

Widely known for its antioxidant and antibacterial properties, manuka honey provides wonderful healing and skin nourishing benefits, it is an excellent ingredient used in a lot of skin care products today, including manuka honey facial cleansers.

To get started on the right manuka honey body lotion products, here are 5 viable options that you can choose from. Continue reading

Best Marula Oil in the Market – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

Best Marula Oil

Marula oil, sometimes fondly referred to as the elixir of youth, is gotten from Marula fruit kernels. The Marula tree is native to Africa, specifically the southern parts, and it has been employed as a natural remedy for healing several skin conditions for centuries.

Marula oil is rich in essential fatty acids that mimic those found on the outer layer of the skin. This property allows marula oil to moisturize without clogging up the pores.

According to Joshua Zeichner, an assistant professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City: “It’s quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving you greasy,” Marula oil also contains vitamin C, vitamin E and flavonoids, which are antioxidants.

Marula oil is chock-full of benefits that help not only with your skin but also with your hair. It’s worth checking some of those benefits out so you can be convinced on why using marula oil for your skin and hair treatments is a worthy venture to embark upon. Continue reading

Best Epilator for Facial Hair – 2017 Top 3 Reviews and Best Picks

Best Epilator for Facial Hair

Many of the few ladies I have met do really have big issues with facial hairs. It is only few that really do not mind leaving them. They are of the opinion that it is part of their natural make up. I do not have an issue with those people and their stance.

Whether or not you find facial hairs embarrassing is a personal choice you make. However, majority of the people I have sampled their opinions agree that facial hairs can be both embarrassing to them and irritating.

They distort the natural flow of beauty and the smoothness of the face. It then means that steps should be taken to rid the feminine face of hairs.

There are so many measures you can take to get rid of your facial hairs. They include laser hair removal , electrolysis, use of depilatory creams and of course shaving. However, all these methods do not deliver the kind of results that epilators deliver. Continue reading

Best Health and Fitness Gifts – Top 15 Listed for 2017

best health and fitness gift

It looks like the new gospel everywhere now is the gospel according to health and fitness. It is no longer news that healthy lifestyles and fitness regimes enhances your chances of a long and sickness-free life.

So what other way is there to show our commitment to one another in this regard than through gifts. I bet that one out of ten people will highly appreciate a gift that will help them stay fit and healthy (please this is solely my opinion, with no statistical backing).

In the midst of the euphoria, the dilemma of which gift is perfect still persists. Now it is instructive to note that the your budget and the recipient’s taste are major determinants to the choice of health and fitness gift to go for. Continue reading

Best Electric Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

One of the most alluring things about a home or work environment is the aroma that drifts through it.

If you are person that likes neat, clean and inviting spaces, then essential oil diffusers are a must have item for your home or office space. With different styles and models available to choose from, essential oil diffusers don’t just act as handy items to have at home, they are also great gifts.

There are several reasons why diffusers are becoming a popular item among homemakers and interior decorators.

Besides the obvious benefit of a diffuser, which is providing some very appealing fragrances, the new age models also have the ability to control humidity and moisture, reducing the chances of dry skin, itchy eyes and sinuses.

Over the last several years, the capabilities of the diffuser have improved with tremendous progress and the market is now filled with a plethora of fragrance dispensers.
Aromatherapy diffusers work more wonders than simple air fresheners, acting as energy boosters and mood changers.  Continue reading

Best Vitamin E Oil For Face And Scars

best vitamin e

Vitamin E has always been known to have some rather intriguing health benefits. Vitamin E oil helps to block free radicals from the body, which plays a large part in the aging process.

It has benefits which include boosting your immune system, helping to prevent stroke-induced brain damage and even protection against certain cancers. Vitamin E oil can work serious wonders for your face, and even eliminate traces of scars.

While Vitamin E oil is praised for its beneficial effects, one must use it with caution.

According to celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas, the oil is a rather tricky thing to use. “It’s an awesome antioxidant, but it’s heavy, so if you are prone to breakouts, it could make you break out more. Vitamin E has always been used in skincare, but I think the purity of it has changed,” she says.

Notwithstanding, the benefits of the Oil are immense. Using its vitamin classification as an indicator, it is a nutrient to the skin. Continue reading

Best Home Facial Steamers – 2017 Review and Top Picks

best facial steamers

A good way to prevent blemishes and clogged pores on your face is by eliminating toxins and dirt. Cleansing your face has the advantage of giving your skin a nice, natural glow.

Washing your face regularly can remove dirt from the surface of your skin, but home facial steamers deeply cleanse your skin, remove impurities, open blocked pores, minimize blackheads and suppress acne for those with acne prone skin.

Facial steamers help eliminate deep seated grime under the skin to get rid of dull skin and blemishes. But with the variety of facial steamers available in the market, it might be hard to make a choice.

Here are the 5 best facial steamers according to popular reviews. Continue reading

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