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The Best Moisturizer for Oily skin – 2018 top reviews and picks

The Best Moisturizer for Oily skin - 2018 top reviews and picks

Caring for oily skin is not so hard.  it is just a matter of using the right products and using it the right way. You really can’t do without the exfoliation, even though you don’t have to use the abrasive ones.

The fact that the skin is oily doesn’t mean that it won’t have to be moisturized. The moisturizer doesn’t have to be cream based or thick to be effective.

It primarily has to be non-comedogenic so as not to cause Acne breakouts.

For your sake, we have taken out time to review best moisturizers for your skin. We provide you with in-depth reviews after long hours of research.

You have the choice to pick the product you want according to your preference so we are giving you a list of 5 moisturizers which are topmost on our list.

They have been reviewed in line with their functions, ingredients and obvious benefits. Here is a brief review.

Murad skin perfection lotion controls oil production while at the same time improving the texture of the skin.

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The Best Toner For Oily Skin – 2018 Review & Top Picks

The Best Toner For Oily Skin-2018 Review & Top Picks

Oily skin is a very important skin type and should be handled with all carefulness. Those with oily skin are prone to so many skin infections such as Acne, Rosacea, Pimple, and Eczema.

There become the need to use good skin care products such as Toners to prevent outbreaks. You might not know the meaning and importance of toners. To be honest, you are not alone.

I was with a lady who happens to have a constant Acne breakout, she has used so many products but they couldn’t solve the acne breakout.

After explaining to her the meaning and importance of a skin toner, she tried it and the result was highly positive.

What is a skin Toner?

It is a wash or lotion specially designed for the cleansing of the skin and shrinking the appearances of the pore. Those with oily skin have a high tendency of a clogged pore. This is due to the excess production of oil and the dead skin cell.

There are various ways to apply a toner. Either by damped cotton wool or by spraying on the face. Any of this method works well but the most frequently used method is of damped cotton wool.

Some skin toners come in a spray bottle, you can use spraying method or damped cotton wool method.

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The Best Foundation For Oily Skin

The Best Foundation For Oily Skin

Like you know, we are passionately committed to giving you all the necessary knowledge and recommended products that you need for the total wellbeing of your skin.

After a month of detailed research and application, we came up with the best foundation for oily skin.

We ranked these products based on its oil control and its compatibility with your skin type.

Excess oil on the skin has caused more damage than expected on our skin.

It leads to acne breakout and blackheads. So there is need to handle this skin imperfection so as to regain one’s confidence and beauty.

We came up with 5 best foundations for oily skin which will keep your face dry and pretty all day round.

CoverGirl Clean Oil Control Liquid Makeup has everything you ever need in a good foundation for oily skin.

It controls the rate at which oil appears on the face and dries excess oil on the face.

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Is Honey a Super Effective Remedy For Acne?

Honey Super Effective Remedy For Acne

Honey is a good natural ingredient for the treatment of acne and pimples. Before the inception of antiseptics, honey is used to prevent the growth of bacterias and disease causing organism.

Statistics showed that about 80% of people between age 11 and 30 experience pimple and acne. This can be because several factors such as dirts, hormone imbalance, using the wrong cream and lotion.

Acne is appears as a result of clogged pores by dirts and the breeding of bacterias on it. The skin secrete oil from the sebaceous gland and when not properly controlled reacts with dirt such as dust to clog the skin.

Most times due to the difference in skin types and reactions, it’s good to use natural ingredients such as honey to treat acne and pimples.

Here is a list of chemical properties of honey which makes it good for the total health of the skin.

Anti-inflammatory property:

Inflammatory skin infections is one of the prominent skin infections. It ranges from itching, irritation, eczema, rosacea, redness etc.

Skin inflammatory infections can be chronic or acute. Acute inflammation can be as a result of exposing your skin to the ultraviolet rays of the sun or allowing your skin to come in contact with chemicals that irritates (hair dyes and soap).

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5 natural way to Treat Oily Skin

5 natural way to Treat Oily Skin

Your skin is a very sensitive part of your body. It’s the determining factor of how beautiful you appear before your love ones.

We all need the positive affirmation of our love ones towards our physical appearance.

The excessive production of oil on our skin have made most person to have a low self esteem due to the outbreak of various skin diseases and the negative reaction we receive from people.

Oil skin is caused by the excessive production of sebum from the sebaceous gland.

Sebum is an oily substance gotten from the bye product of carbohydrate (fats) while the sebaceous gland is located under the skin.

Skin infections associated with oily skins are;

  1. Acne
  2. Pimple
  3. Eczema etc.

Here are 5 natural ways to treat an oily skin;

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Best Vitamin E Oil For Face And Scars

best vitamin e

Vitamin E has always been known to have some rather intriguing health benefits. Vitamin E oil helps to block free radicals from the body, which plays a large part in the aging process.

It has benefits which include boosting your immune system, helping to prevent stroke-induced brain damage and even protection against certain cancers. Vitamin E oil can work serious wonders for your face, and even eliminate traces of scars.

While Vitamin E oil is praised for its beneficial effects, one must use it with caution.

According to celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas, the oil is a rather tricky thing to use. “It’s an awesome antioxidant, but it’s heavy, so if you are prone to breakouts, it could make you break out more. Vitamin E has always been used in skincare, but I think the purity of it has changed,” she says.

Notwithstanding, the benefits of the Oil are immense. Using its vitamin classification as an indicator, it is a nutrient to the skin. Continue reading