Best Epilator for Facial Hair – 2017 Top 3 Reviews and Best Picks

Best Epilator for Facial Hair

Many of the few ladies I have met do really have big issues with facial hairs. It is only few that really do not mind leaving them. They are of the opinion that it is part of their natural make up. I do not have an issue with those people and their stance.

Whether or not you find facial hairs embarrassing is a personal choice you make. However, majority of the people I have sampled their opinions agree that facial hairs can be both embarrassing to them and irritating.

They distort the natural flow of beauty and the smoothness of the face. It then means that steps should be taken to rid the feminine face of hairs.

There are so many measures you can take to get rid of your facial hairs. They include laser hair removal , electrolysis, use of depilatory creams and of course shaving. However, all these methods do not deliver the kind of results that epilators deliver.

Epilators remove the hair from the root and ensure you have a clean and hair free skin for a longer time than the other conventional methods of hair removal. Some people have also said that waxes deliver identical results as Epilators, and I do not totally disagree.

However, if you look at it from the economical perspective, you will discover that there is a big variance. An Epilator can last for years, but you will have to buy a new wax strip each time you want to apply it.

This is why Facial Epilators are a good alternative to shaving and waxing, in ensuring you get the smooth hair-free look that you long for.

Below are some of the Epilators that we have thoroughly reviewed and have given a pass mark in facial hairs removal.

1. Braun Face Silk Epil SE 810

Braun Face Silk Epil SE 810

This is a very smart and easy to use Epilator, and as a result of its exquisite design, it is easy to move it anywhere around the face without any hitches.

It is so smart that it can pluck the hair carefully from its root even from the smallest and tiniest areas. It removes both thin and coarse hair with uniform efficiency. It is very portable and easy to carry about, as tough you are carrying a pen. The head rotates at 180°and plucks off hair with every turn.

This is a waterproof Epilator that make little or no noise. Most people who have used it attested to the fact that the epilation is quite seamless and painless. It is very quick and efficient while being totally smart. It also comes with a facial brush.

You can also use this epilator to do a quick touch on your eyebrows to make them neat. Its small size makes it possible to manoeuvre around your face. By sliding it efficiently you can achieve a perfect cut.

The downside to this Epilator is that it is not rechargeable. However, it is recommended that you buy rechargeable AA batteries for it.

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2. The Emjoi AP-9L Epi Slim

The Emjoi AP-9L Epi Slim

The Emjoi AP-9L Epi Slim epilator is quite small and comfortable to hold making it easy to maneuver over the contours of the face.

It specifically works well for facial hair that grow in and around the chin, the upper lip and the sideburns. The hair removal ability is just spot accurate as it goes real down the roots of the hairs. It is portable making it the real deal for the frequent traveller.

It is not rechargeable but has space for two AA batteries which of course does not come with the Epilator on purchase.

It has nine tweezers on the head that ensures optimum hair removal. For the best removal of facial hair, glide the Epilator gently across the parts of the face that has hairs on them. This epilator does work effectively with soft facial hair, but it also gets rid of coarse but in a longer time.

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3. Braun Silk Epil 9579

Braun Silk Epil 9579

If I say this is one the best Epilator that we have reviewed, it would not be an exaggeration. This is because it comes with all the necessary accessories that will ease usage.

These accessories include a massage roller cap, a skin contact cap, a facial cap, a shaving head and trimmer cap, a facial cleansing brush and a charging stand. It is rechargeable and so you do not need to worry about changing batteries.

This Epilator did not make the topmost list because it gives a tickling painful sensation during usage, albeit not as painful as the wax strips.

Beyond that, it gets the job done effectively. You only do another facial hair removal after a minimum of three weeks, which is quite great. However, with constant usage, you will build up immunity for the pain and it will be a seamless ride all the way.

Another thing we liked about this epilator is that besides being one of the best for facial hair removal, it also does wonders in body hair removal. It is quite an expensive epilators but the fact that you can use it all over your body makes up for it. It is very fast (if not the fastest) and powerful, you will enjoy using it.

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