What foods Should I avoid to limit Acnes?

You definitely want to avoid more acne breakout, and no matter how hard you try, it seems they won’t just go away.

Maybe the culprit is in your diet, what your eat has a big role to play on what happens to your skin.

Here are to 10 foods to avoid to limit those acnes or just get over them, don’t be afraid, all your food isn’t a culprit.


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6 Ways to Prevent Wrinkles

6 Ways to Prevent Wrinkles

There are two major layers of the skin. Dermis (inner layer) and epidermis (outer layer). Wrinkle starts from the dermis and the effect is seen on the epidermis.

Collagens are located in the dermis and it responsible to the total health of the skin. wrinkles do occur naturally as you get old and fail to take preventive measure. Wrinkles are caused by many factors such as;

  • Poor nutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Bad sleeping habits
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Smoking and
  • Natural aging.

Wrinkles are seen as you grow older.  Dr Raph said you can stay for years without experiencing wrinkles as look as you take the preventive measure attached to it.

This means that you need to start early prevent it occurrence and remain beautiful and sound. Below are six powerful ways to handle wrinkles.

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Best Sleeping Positions For Healthy Skin

Best Sleeping Positions For Healthy Skin

Your skin is very sensitive and you must give it maximum attention. I love being appreciated on how healthy and pretty my skin is and I know you love that too.

What am about to share with you is a timeless secret that I use to maintain healthy skin.

Sleep is a vital exercise for our total health but we must be careful with our sleeping positions because it affects our skin texture and tone.

During sleeping hours especially the night hours the skin uses that time to build-up elasticity and fight off those free radicals that was built-up on the surface during the day.

Your sleeping position affects how wrinkles and lines form on your face.

Lets see how your sleeping position affects your skin.

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4 Super Effective Remedies For Pregnacy Stretch Marks


4 super effective remedies for pregnacy stretch marks

The appearance of stretch mark on the skin is not good to behold. Men and women do have stretch marks but it’s very evident in women during pregnancy. Research have shown that 70-80% of women will have stretch marks during pregnancy.

Stretch marks occur due to weight loss or gain. During weight loss, the tissues contrast thereby forming a white lines in area prone to fat accumulation.

It occurs more during weight gain due to the expansion on the skin. The dermis (middle layer) of the skin tear because the skin expansion growth rate is not the equal to that of the body.

This is what happens during pregnancy and after. 30% of men said that the appearance of stretch marks on their wives bottom,breast.tight,upper arm and co marks them not wanting to have sex with her. On this note,its very important that you handle stretch marks during and after pregnancy so as to keep your hubby.

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10 Remedies to reduce Large Skin Pores

10 Remedies to reduce Large Skin Pores

Pores are essential to the skin. It keeps the skin hydrated by providing natural oils to it. They also eliminate toxins from the body.

Large skin pores are caused when the skin is clogged or dilated and they are quite disturbing, and there are so many reasons for it, genetics, aging, stress, sleeping with makeup, using substandard skin products and hormonal changes during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause.

It can lead to Blemishes and breakouts when left untreated. So in order to maintain a flawless and healthy skin there should  be a balance  between cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

There are a lot of fruits , herbs and vegetables which can help in tightening large pores. Here are 10 home remedies to shrink large pores.

1. Egg white

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